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Application & Tenant Information

Please make sure you qualify before presenting your application and fee -  the application fees are non-refundable.

  • Credit - You must have established credit without delinquencies, collection activity, judgment, bankruptcy or lien. Co-signers with good credit can be used if you have poor or no credit.
  • Criminal - Determinations as to criminal screening will be made on a case by case basis and will be based on several factors and information. There will be no automatic denials based on crime without an analysis of the facts.
  • Employment - We calculate 40% of your income to pay rent. If 40% of your income is less than the rent, you will not qualify. A co-signer can be used to assist you in qualifying.
  • Rental Background - 1 year previous rental history or home mortgage payments. A co-signer can assist you in qualifying.

Be sure to make arrangements to view the unit(s) you might like to rent. It's our policy that no units are rented sight unseen. You can apply for a property before viewing it, but you cannot put down your deposit until you have seen the unit.

Once approved and the security deposit is received, please make an appointment to sign your lease and receive keys. All monies are due before keys are given.

Fees Charged for Initiating Tenancy
These fees apply to all individuals; however, additional fees may be applied if warranted:
  • Application Fee- $40.00 per adult 18 years of age or older due with application (credit, criminal, employment, tenancy background checks)
  • Co-Signer Credit Check (if applicable)- $25.00 due with application payable in exact cash, check or credit card.
  • Administrative Fee- $50.00 due at move in (fee for inspection at move out due at move in).
  • Security Deposit- Amount varies. Non refundable holding fee until lease takes effect. Once lease is in effect, this fee becomes security deposit. Must be in the form of secured funds (cashier's check or money order only).
  • First Month's Rent- Amount varies. Due at move in (must be in the form of secured funds; cashier's check or money order only) once established as a tenant you may pay with personal check or credit card)the first month's rent will be pro-rated from day of move in due at move in.
  • Pet Fee for Approved Pets- Due at move in, nonrefundable.

Payment Options for Rent
Effective July 1, 2009, we request that payments be made with a personal check, cashiers check, money order, or credit card. You may pay your rent online (you will need an access e-mail to set up this feature up. Please contact our office to receive access). We accept the following credit cards for rent transactions:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express

All credit card payments will include a 5% transaction fee. Example: $500 rent payment + $25 transaction fee = $525 total transaction.

Work Order Requests

Rental property tenants are required per State law to submit a Work Order Request in writing.

Move Out Notification
Rental property tenants are required to provide a written Move Out Notice 20 days prior to the end of the month they vacate their unit.

If You Break Your Lease
If you break your lease, please be advised that you are responsible for the following:
  • You must submit a Move Out Notice along with a nonrefundable administrative break lease fee.
  • You forfeit all rights to the security deposit.
  • All cleaning, damages, carpet cleaning, move out charges, etc will be charged to you in addition to the security deposit.
  • Any rental references will include the fact that you broke your lease.
  • Outstanding balances will be sent to collections after 30 days.
  • You are rent responsible until the unit is re-rented.
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